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Since the first sod of the Petrochemical Plant near Bourgas in 1962 up to now the company takes active part in the assembly and installation works of all installations,  performing construction and assembly activities of great volume.

The list of projects starts with Atmospheric Distillation Unit - І, ІІ, and ІІІ it extends to FCC Unit, Benzene Unit -140 thousand t/y, Ethylene Unit – 250 thousand t/y, Sulphur Acid Alkylation Unit, Ethylene Oxide and Ethylene Glycols Unit, Phenol and Acetone Unit, Ethylenediamine Unit, Divinyl Unit, Pyrolene Unit, Polypropylene Unit, Xylenes Unit, Ethylene Unit - 150 thousand t/y, Oil and Bio Precipitation Burner Unit, The Metallurgical Plant near the village of Debelt, Maritza Iztok Thermal Plant,  Soda Ash Plant near the town of Devnya, Kozlodui Nucler Plant, Gas Compressor Stations on the route of Russia-Romania-Bulgaria-Turkey/Greece transit gas pipeline, and many other. 

The Company has established itself as a reliable contractor and honest partner "PMU" AD – Bourgas is now expanding its business contacts outside the country. Its specialists participate in the construction of cement plants in the towns of Alep, Tartuz, and Adra in Syria, as well as in the Cellulose Plant in the town of Deir-ez-Zor in the same country, a tank farm in Morocco, and product pipelines in Iraq.

In the recent past the repair activities in the refineries in Slovakia and the town of Larnaca,  Cyprus have been part of this foreign raid.

The list of the commissioned sites, executed with the participation of "PMU" AD – Bourgas also includes:

1.     On the territory of the country:
-       Automated Gas Control Station and pipelines - property of Bulgargas EAD
-       Expansion of Port of Bourgas:  PENTA OCEAN MITCUBISHI 
-       Assembly of dumpers  -  VAB VATEC
-       TOKUDA Hospital - UNITERMAK
-       Ethanol and Bioethanol Plant - Alfatar
-       Air Compressor replacement in a Copper Treating Plant in the town of Pirdop – ER LIQUID
-       Wine cellar "TOHUN" – town of Pomorie
-       Installation for dehydration of water petroleum products and manufacturing of solvents, industrial gas and steam fuel – town of Smyadovo – MEGA GROUP AD
-       Erection of buffer storage for liquid cargos to ship spot 20A –     "Cosmos Energy" EOOD 
-       Mall of Plovdiv - UNITERMAK
-       Agropolichim - Devnya - "TSP MAP and DAP -"Washing department"
-       Heat-treatment of welded joints for paper factory "Mondy packaging" – town of Stamboliyski - Zauner Impianti

As per AGYP design for a site in Kazakhstan:
-       Development of isometric lines
-       Fabrication of pack saddles for transportation of storage tanks

For Lukoil Bulgaria EOOD
-       Repair and Revamp of  Sale and supply bases - Stara Zagora, Karnobat, Plovdiv, Veren, Asparuhovo, Ihtiman, Ilientsi
-       Repair and rebounding of reservoirs in Sale and supply bases
-       Erection of terminal for motor fuels – Rousse
-       Repair and  and restoration of highway product pipeline from Sale and supply base  "Ihtiman" to Sale and supply base "Ilientsi"
-       VAE CONTROLS  - Plovdiv Tank Farm
-       Erection of tank farm in Sale and Supply base - Plovdiv
-       Implementation of Measurement Systems for the Excise Warehouses of "Lukoil Bulgaria" Ltd.
-       Implementation of ECTO-type fuels
-       New Auto- Filling Ramp
-       Installation of the Equipment Supply Base with additional Instrumentation and Automation Level Measurement Systems

For Glavbolgarstroy Jsc
-     Reconstruction and construction of 2 new gas turbine compressor units, Anticorrosive and fire protection of gas pipelines and corresponding supports, Site lighting, Tank channel network, Pipelines on the site of Compressor stations of Bulgartransgaz.
-     Modernization of the existing inlet gas outlets and connection to the input collector.

For Air Liquide
-     Installation of equipment and pipelines for the project Heat OX on the territory of Trakya Glass Bulgaria in Targovishte.
-     Installation of equipment and pipelines on site Sigma in Targovishte, Bulgaria
-     Manufacturing and installation of a roof shelter made of stainless steel in Targovishte - Trakya Glass modification of the pump and the installations for nitrogen and oxygen
-     Reconstruction and modernization of air separation plants KSA1 / KSA2 in the plant of Air Liquide Bulgaria - Pirdop
-     Pirdop - Replacement of pipelines from the ABO Pumping Station. Development of site recovery panels
-     Full volume of work on a new air compressor in Pirdop
-     Repair of bridge crane Q = 20 / 5t, Compressor workshop

For Geldof /NV Engicon/
-     Supply, production and commissioning of 1 ammonia storage tank at the Agropolichim plant

-     Reconstruction and modernization of the stadium "Ludogorets Arena", Razgrad

For OMV Bulgaria
-     Oil terminal OMV Iliyantsi. Road concrete pavement at OMV Iliyantsi Petrol Terminal
-     Repair and restoration of two tanks of 400 cubic meters

For Aurubis Bulgaria
-     Steel constructions under the project Auxiliary Convector in Metallurgical production of Aurubis Bulgaria
-     Construction of a steam line from RU 50/23
-     Cooling system repair in Melting furnace
-     Thermal insulation of a new KA2
-     Repair and modification of TP

2.     On the territory of "Lukoil Neftochim Burgas" AD
-       Repair and reconstruction of Catalytic cracking
-       Repair and reconstruction of Catalytic reforming
-       Construction of new installation for sulfur gas
-       Expansion of Oil base "Rosenets"
-       Heat boiler for combustion of solid oil waste
-       Repair and reconstruction of installations HО-2 and NO-3
-       Reconstruction and modernization of AD-5 and VDM -1
-       Manufacturing and installation of flue gas ducts for AD-5 and VDM-1 - CHEMPEX
-       Repair and reconstruction of AGFI Installations, HO-1, Hydrogen Plant
-       Modernization of "Polypropylene" Production
-       Repair of "Rosenets" Petroleum Base
-       Commissioning of the tank farm 4x 10 000m3 to secure fuel storage
-       Tank Park Production of diesel fuels
-       Installation and re-connection of pumps - "Production of bitumen and storage of dark petroleum products"
-       Repair of Lightning Protection System
-       Level measuring system in "Rosenets" Petroleum Base

3.     Foreign Sites:
-       Repair of Storage Tanks –Refinery in Larnaka – Cyprus
-       Disassembly of a Refinery in Cyprus - TETCO
-       EDF France, installation works, works in boiler and fitter room, argon and semiautomatic welds, replacement of distribution networks, dismantling of roof
-       EDF France, Internal fittings at repair works. Delivery and installation of steel concrete construction
-       Cofeli Fabricom Installation of piping in a factory in the town of Arcelormittal. Liege, Belgium
-       Cofeli Fabricom Installation of piping in the town of Fleurus, Belgium
-       Cofeli Fabricom Installation of piping, Mailly-le-camp
-       Hamon Research Cottrell S.A. Fabrication of pipes and heat exchangers for Vietnam
-       Hamon Research Cottrell S.A. Construction of a plant for purification of waste gases - F 101 & F2101
-       SMC Joint Venture Piping for tanks in Pyla, Dhekelia, Cyprus
-       SMC Joint Venture Water storage tanks near Pyla, Dhekelia, Cyprus

Having in mind the above described, "PMU" JSC has imposed itself as a correct partner for complex erection of projects in the country and abroad.
The company maintains updated stand insurances required for its activities, in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.
If all this satisfies your interest to collaborate with us, don't hesitate to contact us.

The above mentioned projects require a number of conditions which PMU AD has to meet:
1.     Qualified engineering, technical and operating personnel – over 350 people in total:
-       Engineering and technical personnel –  50
-       Operating personnel – 300
2.     Company’s qualification, represented by Licenses, Certificates, and Permits for different types of activities.
3.     Own mechanization – every thing necessary for the execution of the works.
4.     Own equipment required for the activity.

Evidence for quality of performance in realization of sites is the great number of References issued by the contractors of "PMU" AD Bourgas.