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Welder's Training

The Company has its own Professional Training Centrelicensed by the Ministry of Education and Science, in which welders from the whole country are trained and receive higher qualification.

The Center for Professional Training to "PMU" AD - Bourgas is on the services market for  education since six years. The center is specialised  in  training of welders according to EN 287-1, EN ISO 9606, EN 1418, EN 13133 and EN 13067. This practically covers the whole range of welding methods used in manufacturing.

The Center holds a license issued by the National Agency for Education and Training / NAPOO / to Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. The Center is a founder and a member of the Association of Licensed Centers for professional vocational training /ALCPO/.

The Center has its own facilities with modern equipment, office, lecture hall and rest room. The manufacturing base of the large company provides good opportunities for practical training with various materials and modern equipment. The team – managers and teachers are highly qualified.

The training is conducted individualy and in groups on modern methods, which allows flexibility of programs and the includes  the newest amendments in theoretical and practical aspects of the welding production in general and in particular training the welders. In both cases an individual approach is used to each learner, taking into account his capabilities, needs and personality.

Requirements for those who want to be trained by us are related with  minimum such as per art. 12 of NPPZ  and art. 14 of ZPOO.
The training prices vary as the training period according to the method, the degree of qualification, duration of the training.
Most of our successes are due to good coordination and cooperation with clients and institutions. The readiness for rapid adoption and deployment of updates is a prerequisite not only for maintaining our leadership position, but also to expand market share in the professional training.

As part of PMU AD,  The Center for Professional Training holds  a Conformity Certificate with the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001, which proves the high level of quality of education offered by the Center.
The Center for Professional Training  to "PMU" AD is well known among businesses companies in the region, which activities are related with manufacture of welded structures. The Center has signed contracts with Testing Authority to conduct assessment exams for certification of welders as required by Bulgarian and European legislation.

For the period of its existence the Center has trained hundreds of welders, demonstrating their skills to numerous projects in the country and abroad – “Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas”,  “Bulgargas”, projects in Czech republic, Germany, Libya and others countries are only part of them.