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Joint-Stock Company "PMU" - Bourgas /PMU AD - Bourgas/ was founded in 1998. As a legal successor of Montazhi EAD - Sofia,
Bourgas Branch has inherited the 40-years experience and the highly
qualified human resources of specialists and leading engineering and
technical personnel in the field of mechanical, electrical, and
instrumentation installation.

"PMU" AD - Bourgas performs
all types of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation assembly works
at new building sites and installations, also repair, reconstruction,
expansion, and modernization of existing units in the field of chemical,
concrete, wood-processing and food industry, machinery construction,
metallurgy, power engineering, etc.

The progress and confidence in the company are due to the team of highly qualified engineers and motivated staff, who offer construction solutions to meet customer requirements for precision and accuracy of performance. At present PMU’s staff numbers over 332 specialists and workers who have the necessary qualifications and experience to enable the company to offer its customers high quality and reliable partnership.

We rely on quality and proven materials and strive to develop with every project.

The continuous investments in technological innovations, quality completion of each assignment in time, ensure the final result and the building of long-term partnerships.

Spheres of activity of "PMU" AD - Bourgas:

1.     Industrial Engineering.

2.     Manufacturing and assembly of pipelines, storage tanks and equipment under pressure, steel structures and elements.

3.     Installation of machines and equipment.

4.     Installation of electrical equipment, instrumentation equipment and automation.

5.     Installation of heating and refrigerating installations.

6.     Repair of machines, facilities, and units.

7.     Pre-commissioning.

The scope of activity of industrial engineering includes:

-      Manufacturing, repair and maintenance of equipments: process
towers, heat exchangers, coolers, receivers, rolling, cylindrical and
spherical storage tanks for crude oil and oil products, steam and water
power boilers and turbines, fans, flue gas ducts, blockhouses, cyclone
collectors, scrubbers, elevators, and all types of conveyor belts,
gantry cranes, frame cranes, and  tower cranes, port cranes for bulk
cargos and their contiguous railways

-      Fabrication and assembly of all types of steel structures of
shaped and sheet steel - farms, interfarm connections, compact towers,
framing, rings for side reinforcement of cylindrical storage tanks,
supports, brackets, hangers, etc.

-      Assembly and welding of all types of pipelines and product
pipelines of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as of alloy and
high alloy steel and their contiguous fixtures for low, medium, and high
pressure, assembly and commissioning of industrial and public heating
installations, fabrication and repair of storage tanks for oil products,

-      Construction of water supply and sewerage systems for urban water supply network and wastewater treatment plants

-      Corrosion protection of pipelines, equipment and steel structures

-      Installation of all types of machinery and equipment - pumps,
compressors /air and gas/ pressed, foundry and calibration machines and

-      Assembly of all types of power supply systems of low and high
voltage - transformer and electrical substations, as well as lighting,
grounding, lightning protection, fire detection systems,  signal and
dispatcher systems.

-      Installation of instrumentation equipment and automatic
control systems of the technological process, check, setting, testing
and commissioning of the built capacities.

An integral part of the Company’s structure is the Power and Mechanical Unit for repair and maintenance of the equipment available, as well as for assembly and repair of lifting equipment.