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Health and Safety

PMU JSC. has a continually growing team of experienced and qualified professionals in the field of HSE & Environment Management. Their task is the constant monitoring and strict adherence to the safety rules in the process. The company constantly invests new resources as to improve and upgrade the equipment and the working conditions. PMU JSC. has been certified under the System for Management - OHSAS 1 8001:2007.

We evaluate and control the risks at the workplaces according the Law of Health and Safety. We undertake immediate actions to surmount any weaknesses and we develop a system for their monitoring. We work out a Plan for Safety and Health and a Plan for protection of the Environment. PMU JSC. has approved orders and instructions for Fire Safety, as well as for First Aid Assistance.

Our Policy on Health and Safety reflects the current priorities of the organization, the plans and the objectives:

1.            Prevention of accidents and cases of illness related to the work and provision of adequate control of risks to the health and safety arising out from the work activities.

2.            Provision of an adequate training to ensure that employees are competent to perform their work.

3.            Employees Health and Safety Consulting, day to day, advice and surveillance over the health and safety at the workplace.

4.            Implementation of emergency procedures for evacuation in cases of fire or other significant Force Majeure event.

5.            Securing of safe and healthy working conditions, provision of safe maintenance of facilities, equipment and machinery, and ensuring safe storage / use of substances.

6.            Provision of First Aid Assistance, First Aid Kit, trained personnel.

7.            Staff Insurance:

-Accident Insurance - Bulstrad-Life Vienna Insurance

-Subcontractor responsibility - UNIQA

8.            Waste Management.