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Non-destructive test

"R Test" Ltd. was established in 2011 as a subsidiary of "PMU" JSC and operates in the field of Non-Destructive Testing of welded joints, metal products, metal equipment, pressure vessels and others.
"R Test" Ltd. has a Radiation Defect Detection Licensed Laboratory, License - Series: И-80794, Registration No. 03902 - valid till 16.02.2022

We offer high quality that is based on:
- the work of an NDT experienced dynamic team
- High quality equipment produced by leading companies in the field
- Company policy oriented towards the strict execution of the contracts with our customers and pursuit of building business relationships based on trust and honesty.

Control Authority  "Control and diagnostics of static equipment" of type C to "R TEST" Ltd. carries out the following types of control under accreditation:

Non-destructive testing of metals and metal equipment, pressure vessels, tanks, pipelines: Base metal and welded joints by:

1. Radiographic control method;
2. Penetrating liquid control method;
3. Magnetic powder control method,
4. Visual control method;
5. Ultrasonic control method
6. Wall thickness by the ultrasonic control method
Metals and metal equipment, pressure vessels, tanks, and pipelines:
7. Coating thickness by magnetic method
8. Metals and metal equipment: base metal, welded joints and their samples - hardness: Brinell hardness by Poldi method.
9. Electrical systems and facilities up to and over 1000V

"R TEST" Ltd. performs the following types of control outside of accreditation:
1. Chemical analysis of metals - Spectral analysis;
2. Density test


- industrial x-ray apparatuses manufactured by the Company Industrial Control Machines (ICM) - Belgium
- Ultrasonic defect detector T-GAGE IV DL - manufactured by the Company Sonatest - USA
- Magnetic Particle Test PARKER Bl 00 - manufactured by the Company Parker Research corp. - USA

email: [email protected]

email: [email protected]


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